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I have dedicated my life to humanity. I am running to serve the people and advance the Libertarian principles of free-market economy with maximum civil liberties.

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Through Hardship..

I was dealt a hand most would have folded on. Every opportunity that has presented its self to me I have taken it. That kind of living has led me into a colorful variety of industries and I have honed many skillsets. Those skillsets have taken me far from home and my hand has become the one to beat on the table after the turn.

I am a veteran, I serve as the vice chair on the executive committee of the Libertarian Party of Hawaii, a lifetime member of the National Libertarian Party, and the Chief of Operations for a 501.c19 non-profit, the Hawaii Veteran Cannabis Alliance. I am a Class of Corona graduate from Hawaii Pacific University and I am running for US Senate in Hawaii.

My educational experience from the Navy was more than the technical aspects I have already spoken on, it was for me a ten-year work-study-abroad program. Six of the ten years were spent at sea, visiting places I would never have been able to go to on my own, and experiencing things I never dreamed I would. I sang for the Navy’s Gospel Choir in Chicago. I spilled tea on the President of Panama. I got in the cage with Great White Sharks off the coast of South Africa (where they jump out of the water like dolphins to sink their jaws into a tasty seal). I shook hands with a man who escaped two concentration camps. While assuming the role of the ship’s photographer, my photos were published in several outlets.

My favorite role I took on was as a community relations coordinator. In that role I planned, organized, and publicized volunteers from the Navy with civilian non-profit organizations. In Savannah GA, I organized events with the United Way, the local YMCA, and FoodBank. In Odessa, Georgia (the country), I coordinated the efforts of over one-hundred sailors on one day to an orphanage for children under the age of 7. The sailors were moved over the experience and I had the privilege of collecting over $1200 in donations to send to the orphanage.

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